A new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation raises a red flag about what activities are forming the minds and habits of our children.  Unsurprisingly, reading takes a far back seat to TV, movies, and video games.

At first blush it is easy to suggest that the reason for this is that busy parents just don’t spend the time encouraging their children to read as they did in generations past.  But I wonder if that’s really the issue.

There is little doubt that  parents use TV, computers and video games  as babysitters these days.  Anything that keeps kids out of their hair… any port in a storm.

Video media is compelling.  It is bright and shiny, and in many instances it interacts with the child faster than parents can.  Often immediately.

A few prolific writers have managed to pull kids away from electronic media.  Writers like J.K. Rowling, Eoin Colfer, Rick Riordan and D.J. MacHale sweep young (and older) minds into their magical worlds, but are these few writers enough?

The battle rages on.  Video media vs. printed matter.  Unless writers (don’t look around, you know who you are), work to create compelling matter targeting young minds, the battle is lost, and we may as well begin to write for Game Companies.