Part 1 of a series.

That’s right.  Step up and take your place.

When we put together two of the scariest things a writer can do, we would expect to be nervous, right?  And yet, writers in clubs, in bookstores, on the radio and on television everywhere face the double-headed monster of public speaking and presentation of their “children”, their writing.

How do you get ready for such an ordeal?  In what I like to call its basic, or practice form, the  “Open Mic” session is your chance to present your work to a small, safe audience of writers like yourself.

Wait!  You say.  I’m a writer, not an actor.  I’m not a performer.

Scary or not, public speaking is a large part of the life of a successful writer.  You do want to be successful, don’t you?  Once you’ve sold your breakthrough novel, had your short-story optioned for a film, or published an award-winning poem or book of them, you have become a celebrity.

Both Alexandre Dumas and Oscar Wilde vie for the quote, “nothing succeeds like success”.  But, whoever said it, public speaking is the thing that will push your brilliant writing to the next level.  Being confident in front of a crowd, difficult at first, is a skill worth cultivating.

The Open Mic is your opportunity to practice.

Throughout the day today we will be looking at Tips, Tricks and Techniques for reading and discussing your work in public.

Stay tuned.

Continued in Part 2