Creativity, as we are using it today, is that ability to innovate.  Right?  Maybe not.

I’ve written elsewhere that being truly and totally creative has a serious downside.  BEWARE!  This is a topic fraught with contradiction, and will certainly make some of you uneasy, if not outright hostile.

I say that something drawn out of nothing, an idea which has absolutely NO strings to anything else in our world would be, no IS indistinguishable from static.

For an idea to touch a reader, there must be a place for that reader to connect with it.  Certainly we connect through language first.  Through words, written or spoken, we describe and convey.  Yes, it is possible to communicate through music, physical movement, hand gestures, and the like, but even those methods are a language of a sort.

So, if ideas cannot be wholly new, completely out of the blue, so to speak, what is it we call ideas?  What is this creativity thing?

It is expression.  It is means.  Creativity is how you describe, present, and represent an idea.

I look at amazing writers like Neil Gaiman and Colin Wilson and shake my head in wonder at the things they have come up with.  They have powerful, marvelous thoughts, and they have the ability to COMMUNICATE them to you and to me.

Perhaps that is a better definition of real creativity.  The forming of ideas, simple or complex, in a way that can be understood and conveyed to others.