Some months back, we took a look at the art of Creating Worlds for Science Fiction and Fantasy writers.  Since then Uphill Writing has grown considerably.  New insights and developments in our understanding of the process make it clear that a revisiting of this popular series should be attempted.  Much of what you will read in this series will be familiar.  It is our hope, however, that those who read the original will find value in this adaptation… and for those of you who are new to this project, insight and assistance in the enjoyable—if daunting—task of rolling up your sleeves and getting up to your elbows in the creation of a world.

Part 1: Introduction


Who cares about building worlds? Science Fiction and Fantasy writers, for a start.  Game designers, and hobbyists may also be interested.

I may not get to every nuance of the process, but we’ll try at least to cover the basics.  This course is broken down into seven major themes, and the themes further into six sub-sections.  As it is a work in progress, I sincerely hope that if you have an idea, or discover that something is missing, that you’ll write and give me the benefit of your insights.

Main sections:

  • One: Planning: Goals, Tools, Resources and Scheduling
  • Two: The Physical World
  • Three: Flora and Fauna
  • Four: People
  • Five: Culture
  • Six: Testing the World
  • Seven: Final Overflight, Q&A, Resources and Wrap-up

Interspersed throughout the project will be links to resources, examples, ideas and suggestions

The process of building a world from scratch for your Science Fiction or Fantasy novel is not something that can actually be completed in seven days, or even less.  But to create a realistic world—a perfect setting for your story, a lot more time and effort will be required.  In fact, this series will not give you everything you need to know.  What I promise it will do is to open your eyes to the process, remind you of what concerns will make your world more realistic, and hopefully, encourage you on your way.

If questions arise as you go through these  42 posts, please leave a comment.  I’ll do what I can to answer your questions.

Finally, you should understand that while this may not be the only way to create a world, it is a method that has worked for me,three times, now , and one I am confident will work for you.

Let there be light.

Continued in Part 2