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Blogosphere: A series
Part Ten: Question 7. Will you be the only writer for your Blog?


There are any number of reasons you might want to bring in a Guest Blogger.  Often, while reading other Blogs (you ARE doing that, right?) you’ll find a post that resonates perfectly with your theme.  Perhaps it is just that you want to do a shout out for something spectacular someone else has written even if it does not fit in.  

If you choose to go the industrious route of publishing once a day, or more, there may be times when you could use a break.  A guest blogger can take some of the pressure off.  

Also, adding a fresh point of view to your Stream of Blogishness can go far in bringing in new readers, or stirring up comments.  

(A point of contention for some Bloggers is this: Do you want Comments?  If you do , do you only want comments that agree with you?  For, is it not said—by my Blogging Sensei, Dr. Belew—that contention in comments increases readership?  If getting people to read is the goal, sometimes being a bit of a rabble-rouser can serve the cause.   


The “hiring” so to speak, of Guest Bloggers has another positive effect.  If your Guest Blogger lets his or her audience know that they are doing a Guest Spot on Blog ______________, then the destination Blog may get some additional readership.  When you introduce your Guest Bloggers, and include a link to their Blogs, they too get extra traffic.  

Whether you do it to help a new blogger get known, to increase your own traffic, or just to get a break… It’s a win-win situation that livens up both Blogs.  

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