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Blogosphere: A series
Part Twenty-Nine:  Are You Still on Target?

Image: I made this one.

You have, perhaps, been Blogging for a while now, and you’ve stayed true to your topic—ever a good idea.  Your readers have come to expect a certain quality from your work, as well as a consistent “message”.   

Suddenly there’s a problem.   

You’ve gotten into the habit of noting every possible Blog topic that falls into your area of expertise.  You’ve built up a fair number of future post concepts, and feel good about what you’ve done.  Then you notice that your mind is firing on other cylinders as well.  You’ve got some exciting and insightful things to say that are outside of the declared topic of your Blog.  You’ve Blogged yourself into a corner.   

What do you do?   

Lean closer, I’m going to share one powerful secret.  No, closer still.  Good.  Here it is.    

Image: Bill Frymire:

Save your off-topic posts for your own Guest Blogger visits.  Look over the subject lists of your fellow Bloggers (your Blogroll is a great place to start, also your Blogging Support group), find the person who has a topic that most closely matches your idea, and contact them with a proposal to do a Guest Blogger session with them.   

Typically they will love it (it gets them off the hook for a post or two), it gets them more readers because there is no reason you can’t announce your GB status on your friend’s Blog, which gives both Blogs a bit of a leg up, and it exposes you to the readers of your friend’s Blog.  What I call a win-win-win-win situation.   

Never let a good post go to waste, especially if it can do what the Buddhists calls “Skillful Means”.  Do one thing and get multiple benefits from it.   

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