Have you ever had your mind go blank when you sat down to write?

Really?  Have you? 

Image: thenextweb.com

I’m guessing your mind did not go blank.  I’m guessing it just went somewhere else.  What we call a block is perhaps a distraction, more than anything.  Consider this:

I was surprised this morning by one of the daily feeds I read.  Science Daily is revealing a study that shows that it actually takes more work—more mental effort—to stop thinking than to continue.  They first explain something we already know.  Thinking takes energy.  The surprise came when it was discovered that interrupting a thought, that forcing yourself to stop thinking takes more energy still. 

From time to time I write about Writer’s Block, or Writer’s Blah but, to tell the truth, this is something I’ve never considered.

But, think about it.  Have you ever come back from a vacation more tired than when you went?  Perhaps there is something to this… something we need to consider as writers.