If you have ever been a part of The Crucible Project, you may be happy to know that despite an overlong hiatus, The Crucible is back.

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If you’ve never heard of The Crucible, but feel it is time to hold your feet to the flame, and get your writing ready to meet its destiny, perhaps The Crucible is for you.

See “The One-on-One Method” post for more information about how it works.

What is it?  In short, it is a powerful—and fairly new way—of doing Critique Groups. 

What do you get?  How do you get it?

Using the One-on-One method you are paired up with another writer.  You spend an agreed upon amount of time over the phone (or SKYPE, as I prefer) where you read each other’s work aloud so the writer can hear where you stumble, where you pause with questions, and can hear your “on the spot” critique, suggestions and such.  Then, once a week there is a conference call between all members of the project where we build our working relationships, discuss what worked, and what needed work (in the Crucible process). 

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Ladies and gentlemen, The Crucible process WORKS.  It is unlike any kind of critique group you’ve ever been in, and because it works in pairs, you always get full attention of your critique partner every time.

Interested?  Leave a comment to this post.  State your name, the genre of your work, and your willingness/ability to meet for a scheduled period once a week.  Then ALSO to to CONTACT  page and send me an email so I’ll have a return address to contact you.

This is your opportunity to both contribute to others, and to be contributed to in your writing career!

Looking forward to hearing from you!