Oh.  You have an elephant.  We used to have an elephant.”  –Bill Cosby

Image: spongeist.wordpress.com

 It made me wince the first time I heard a writer referred to as a “professional liars”.

It’s true, you know.  That is what we are, and in more ways than one.  But, still we write.

We’ve hard that paper books are going the way of the Do-Do.  But, still we write.

We’ve been told that the number of books being published in the U.S. each year is staggering, and therefore our competition is huge.  But, still we write.

Very few of our friends who write are making any money at it, but, still we write.

None of our friends who write are making a living solely by their writing.  But… still we write.

When we reread our own work our confidence sometimes flags.  But still, we write.

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We fear all of our effort is wasted.  But, still we write.

All the people around us attest to the impossibility of our choice of professions.  Our minds bombard us with nagging doubts, and laugh at our efforts.

There is only one thing we can do.

Tell the voices to “Be still.  We’re writing.”