As a professional blogger, I’ve made certain distinctions.  I know, for example, which days of the week are more or less likely to produce high hit rates.

For example, Thursdays are the biggest days for Uphill Writing.  Why is this, you ask?  Is it because of a special feature I publish only on Thursdays?  Nope.

Sundays are typically very slow, and holidays slower still.  Why?  Is it because people aren’t home?  It’s hard to say.  Yesterday, for example, was one of the busiest Sundays we’ve had at UhW in a long time.  Go figure.

So, if the good days, and the slow days, may be somewhat graphable, shouldn’t I hold my best stuff for days when the traffic will be the best?

I don’t think so.

Here’s why.

As mentioned above, the trends I’ve noticed are only that.  Trends.  They are not carved in stone, and now and then a holiday pays off BIG in hits and page reads.

Face it, bloggers.  We never know when there will be a particularly busy day.  Do you want to take the chance that someone will show up on a day you don’t put much faith in, and they find only rather blah writing?  Your next avid reader may show up in the middle of the night on a 2nd day of a three-day weekend.  You just can’t know.

The answer is to always post the best stuff you can, each and every day… and allow that to push you harder on the next day.


This doesn’t mean you’ll be brilliant 100% of the time (at least it doesn’t mean that for me), but if your habit is to provide the best you can at every instance, you will not fail to grow in your craft, and to gather new readers.

Have a hot idea?  Don’t wait for a more propitious day to post, do it now.  Make it your habit.  Make every day your best stuff.

It will pay off.