I just got back from a week away.  More that a week, because the greater part of 4 days was spent behind the wheel.  But within those (actually 10) days, I got 6 days with plenty of time to work.

I was able to pretend some of my responsibilities didn’t exist, and got a ton of writing on my NaNoWriMo book finished.  However, I did not make it (yet) to 50k words.  Not that I have any doubts about making it.

That said, I got a real feeling for professional writing.

And I liked it.

The work flowed.  I was up early every morning and working as the sun came up.  It felt good.

Typically my day consists of some writing on novel projects, some writing on this blog (UhW), and some writing in other areas (the Fremont Area Writers branch of the California Writers Club), managing several websites and various other projects.  In other words, I write most of the time every day.

The difference is not being encumbered by all these other requirements.

What a dilemma.

What is a person to do?  Give up those additional projects that eat so much time?  Push to work even harder during the day?

Frankly, I don’t know.  The other projects are important, and they contribute, but they don’t get the main job done as quickly as I’d like.

I usually do not go on about personal issues on this blog, and I apologize if it all seems a bit fatuous.  But, I’ve gotta tell you, having all of that uninterrupted time to write was quite a treat.