Sometimes it’s like bees living in your head, know what I mean?  Sometimes it comes at you from all sides, and despite your resolve, it doesn’t let up.

What, you ask?  The tasks, of course.  Being busy has it’s up side, certainly.  One is never bored.  But the down side is that when a lot of tasks are competing for your attention, it is difficult to accomplish any one of them.

Do you think that playing 9 games of chess at once is a good idea (I’m not a chess player, but I’ve seen “masters” do this).  Do you think that adding a bit to a lot of projects each day actually moves them to a fruitful completion?

Perhaps, but is it as satisfying as grabbing a single task, or perhaps just a few, and working them until you’ve got them handled?

I feel drawn…  pulled in too many directions, and wonder if the overwhelm that comes from it is a good thing.  I have a friend in Florida who would suggest that I meditate.  I have another friend in Northern California who would recommend drugs.  I don’t have the patience for meditation, and I find the idea of doing drugs to get things done is kind of like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.  Yes, I know it can be done, but the side-effects are scary.

The wise men say you can eat an elephant if you only eat one bite at a time, but have you ever TASTED elephant meat?

I would guess that the majority of you would recommend cutting back.  Would suggest taking a deep breath and moving slower, but does that really work?  The jobs that need to be done still need to be done.

Perhaps the trick is to not be such a push-over when it comes to agreeing to do more.