Sometimes I repeat myself.

Sometimes I repeat myself… but that’s OK.  I used to go to hear a modern philosopher speak quite often, and I was always impressed when he said things like, “I’m almost done with this topic,” after he had spoken about it at several sessions.  And then, “I may have one or two more things to say about this, I don’t know…”  It gave me the feeling that I was right there for creation and development of what he had to say.  I was most impressed with that.

His example has given me a sort of permission—please do not misunderstand me, I am not putting myself in his class—to “think out loud” in this forum.

And this is how I excuse talking more about honesty in writing.

I am not sure that we can write effective drama, or for that matter comedy, without putting ourselves deeply into the work.  I do not mean, by that, our “heart and soul”, although that belongs in our work as well, but rather I mean our actual selves.  I think that some of the most powerful of our work comes out, directly, from our personal life experiences.

Don’t get me wrong.  We certainly weave quite a bit of our tales from whole cloth, and that is well and good, but I think the cloth itself is woven from the true threads of our own lives.

And that makes me happy.

To me, this means that whatever we write, we express our inner selves, and in that way we grow beyond the boundaries of our short lives.

Even if we do not reach far with our work.  Even if we do not sell 100,000 copies of a novel or story, there will be those who read, and our words will become entangled with the threads of those lives, and the process will begin again, for writers, for thinkers, for the guy at the grocery store or the woman who delivers the mail.

We reach out.  We touch.  We are at cause in the Universe… and that is a very good thing.