I have recently taken on the task
of creating a number of Salons for the Fremont Area Writers (a branch of the California Writers Club).

These salons will be one-hour presentations or mini-workshops designed to help our writers become stronger in their craft.

Why am I telling you this?  Primarily, because it struck me that the topics to be discussed might be fun (and useful) posts here on Uphill Writing… and that these posts might well feed back into the salons themselves.

That said, I would ask that you look at this list and add what you would to make it stronger, and in so doing help me decide which way to go with future posts.

Here is the first pass at the list:

  •    Dialogue (dialect, action, attribution, pace, flow)
  •    Description (how to, what is too much, what is too little)
  •    Novel planning (outlining, 3×5 cards, online tools, software)
  •    Research (planning, organizing, vetting, etc.)
  •    Formatting (for eBook, for paper, etc.)
  •    Book Cover Design
  •    Blogging and websites
  •    Building an audience
  •    Establishing your voice
  •    Marketing

Your take?