I have often marveled at the reported last words of famous people.  In fact, while prepping for this post I read a good many “last words”.  Some of them were moving, some were ridiculous, and surely some were said, not by the dying person, but by his or her biographer.


If we knew, without doubt, the last of our moments, would we compose the perfect bon mot or pithy saying?  Would we be in any mental condition to hold it together long and well enough to utter those words?

More importantly, would it matter?  Unless we are (were) famous, well-loved, hated, or infamous, the chances are nobody outside of our immediately family would ever hear what we said.

So, would it matter?

In any event, there is a challenge in all of this.

Write two sets of “last words”, one, perhaps, what you would like to be known for saying when you breathed your last, and the other, something engaging, odd, compelling, or in some way evocative of the unusual.

Then, ask yourself, what kind of person would utter “Finally,” as his or her last words?