Friend and fellow blogger and writer, Catana, commented recently that there were some books on her To Be Read list that she doubted she would ever get to.

We were sending comments back and forth the value of going back to old favorite books as opposed to moving on, and reaching as yet unplumbed volumes.

I love finding a new author, someone whose work excites my brain, gets my juices going.  But there are those books that I go back to time and time again, either because like Wilson”s The Mind Parasites”, I always find something new, something I missed, or Modesitt’s Time God, because I flat-out love the story.

It got me to thinking.

How high is your stack of books TBR?  Does your stack include books you’ve read before?  Or, are you a strictly once is enough kind of person, always looking for new ideas and experiencing?

I can’t say one is good and the other is bad, but I am interested.

Which are you?