You may have run across this graphic “Cultural Mélange” on the Internet, but I think it is worth sharing again.

I’ve shown this to a number of people, and I can guarantee that you will only react to it if you are something of a “geek”

Take a look and let me know YOUR reaction.

And the point I am trying to make?

Messing with the culture of your audience can be fun.  The trick to it is to make sure it doesn’t look like a mistake.

For example, if the picture had only Gandalf  and the quote, you might think it was just a stupid error, but adding a Yoda quote takes it out of “accidentsville” and makes it “real”.

It grows more and more difficult to goof on culture these days because we seem, less and less, to have a distinct culture.  But that is grist for another mill.

In any event, enjoy the picture.  If it rankles you, you’re a geek (and I mean that in the very kindest way).  If it means nothing to you, don’t let it bother you.

What good is culture, anyway?  (grin)