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Part 18: First World Overflight

There she is, sitting at the northeast corner of our largest new continent.  Our ViewShip, shinning in the light of the sun… or is that suns?  Hey, notice the shadows from the struts?  They go in two directions.  Oh, yeah.  We’ve got a binary star here.

And the sky!  Have you ever seen such a beautiful turquoise color? Don’t you love the way the light is reflecting off that sea? Man!  That seems to go on forever.  I wonder what’s on the other side of it?

Do you recognize that smell?  It’s like the smell of flowers and the ocean, and fresh, really fresh air.

Look!  As we get closer to the ship a ramp is opening.  Man, that’s service.  Hurry up now, I can’t wait to get up into that sky and have a look at this place.

What’s it called?  Hmm.  I don’t know.  Maybe we’ll find out before the week is done.  What do you think it should be called?

What?  Yes, I know there’s no pilot.  We don’t need one.  We just say where we want to go and the ship… well, it does what we tell it.

No, you don’t have to sit down or buckle in or anything.  It’s inertia-less.  Stand over here by the wrap-around window.

Ship?  Take us up.  We want to see the coastline.

See?  I told you.  If you weren’t looking out the window, you’d hardly know we were moving.  Whoa!  Look at that coast!  It’s all rugged, sharp fingers of land, like a hand reaching out into the ocean.  And the sea!  You ever see water that blue?  Hey!  You see that?  Out in the water?  I don’t know what that was, but it jumped clear up and out, did a kind of twist, turned in the air, and dove right back down.  Hardly made a splash!

No, you’re right.  You don’t see something like that every day.

Ship?  Take us south a bit.  Above this shore.

Ah!  See?  That’s what I thought.  It’s getting sandy.  We’ve got a beach now.  That light of the suns is almost blinding on that sand.  OK, ship, let’s get some altitude and go west.  Inland.

No, you did not feel that turn.  It’s just your eyes.  Ship moves along pretty good, doesn’t it?  Take a look!!  You see that forest?  It’s huge!  Awww… would you look at that?  It’s another sea?  It’s a whatchacallit, inland sea.  Good size, huh?  The color of the water is different, too.  Notice that?  …and have you ever seen trees that tall before?  I wonder what it’s like on the floor of the forest?  Maybe next time.

Here we go!  Coming up on a mountain range.  Look how craggy those peaks are.  It looks like the mountains stretch the entire length of the continent.  Heh.  Like a backbone, you think?  I wonder what’s on the other side of… oh.  Oh, wow.  It’s a desert.  I’ve never seen anything like that before.  It seems to go on forever.  Kinda makes me thirsty.

Here comes the sea again.  I wonder if it’s the same one we saw back east?  I guess we’ll find out eventually.  Do you think the color’s the same?  Wow, check out those little island.  There, southwest.

Ship?  Can you take us… oh.  Times up.  Well, maybe next time.

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