So, I just got a job.

Being “retired” has had its benefits.  Among them is NOT adding to an already meager income, however.

Despite having what some would call limitless time to write (this is a fallacy, my friends; there is no such thing), I’ve found myself way too busy to get the writing done that I feel needs completion.  So, it only makes sense that I’d take on a job that will eat up even more of my time.

So, starting next month I’ll be teaching school for an “After School Activities” company here in Fremont.  I’ll be teaching computers, including basic use, research for homework, applications, and more importantly Internet and Social Networking security.  I’ll also be teaching public speaking.  I’m frankly delighted.  I’ve always loved teaching, and this part-time position pays pretty well, too.  How can I lose.

What?  Time to write?

Oh, yeah.  That.

Well, they say that the best way to get something done is to give it to someone who is already too busy.

I guess we’ll see.

Oh, yeah… I’m also starting to work with a professional editor over a 7-week course for my own writing.

Imagine that.