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 Part 28: Art and Literature

One of the prime benefits of creating your own world, is you get to be the greatest writer, poet and artist it has ever known.  Always wanted to write an epic poem, but didn’t have the patience or the skill?  Easy peasy.  Write five or six really good lines.  You KNOW you can do that, right?   Drop them into your story, and have a character gush over the brilliance of them.  Do small quotes from tales of adventure, speak briefly about religious experience, pontificate about the best means of growing gorzha-leaf.

Concerned that your writing doesn’t match up to classical wisdom?  Don’t write it at all.  Just refer to it.  “Yes, my son, for is it not written in the works of the Agonist, that though we spend only a moment in life, our legacy can stretch into eternity?

What kind of artwork and literature will your world create?  Here are some possibilities:

  • Living Art.  Trees and plants which are trained to form structures or scenes from history
  • One-time performances which must be seen live and be spread in the retelling of the audience
  • A manual for life: The non-religious step-by-step directions for living a full and rewarding life
  • Plays which introduce made-up language as the story progresses, on to the point where the play finished fully in the artificial language
  • Weapon-songs, taught to soldiers and used to defeat the enemy

Imagination is the only boundary for the creation of special Art, Literature… and Music!   Your world can be as full or as barren as you choose when it comes to the arts.

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