I wonder if there is any tool more useful to a writer than a calendar… and a watch?


I know I often feel I don’t have enough time in the day to get my assigned work done.  I also know that if I look closely enough, I see people with busier schedules than I getting by far more done in a single day.

My first reaction is often, “that isn’t fair.”  He (or she) clearly has more time than I do for the important things.


Unless you are on another planet, one with a bigger or smaller size, a larger or smaller orbit, and unless you have a different diurnal scale, we all have almost exactly the same amount of time.  (I say almost for those of you with a scientific bent, and a sharp eye for detail.)

A pair of speakers we had at the Fremont Area Writers this past Saturday brought up an interesting idea, one that in my case at least, would partially expand the time I have to work.  She said she knew of a person who used two different computers.  One for writing, and one for everything else.  The writing computer has no Internet connection.

Not bad.  Not bad at all.

Learning to budget your time, to make and keep a schedule so certain tasks get done completely and efficiently, can make all the difference in the world.

How do I know (given what I’ve said above)?  Because every once in awhile I manage to actually follow a schedule.  I even have a wonderful bit of Timer software called The Pomodoro App, that is very aggressive in keeping you to your schedule.

But knowing all these tricks, having wonderful tools, and all, is great…  only if you actually use them.

I’m getting too busy to ignore this any longer.