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 Part 30: Warfare and Medicine

Warfare and Medicine.   Is this an odd combination?  Sadly, no.  In the history of the little blue marble we call the Earth, the fastest and greatest development in medicine has come during times of war.  There is nothing odd or superstitious about this, it is just that doctors learn more where there are more wounded people to work on.  Unfortunate, but true.

What will warfare be like on your burgeoning planet?  Will there be armies of men (or women) marching against other settlements in a move to rule or unite?  Will the people of your planet train mighty beasts or subtle and dangerous plants to fight for them?  Will children gifted with great mental powers be used to invade, to conquer?

Perhaps a more important question is, WILL there even be wars?  If so, might they be political, artistic, or of words only?

Is it possible that a war of words might have the same effect–that of claiming land or resources–as a fighting war might have?  It has been said–by me, I think–that war, that politics, even, can be simplified to the movement of goods.  If group A has something that B wants, A can use diplomacy, treachery, or open warfare to get it… all the while proclaiming that the gods (or devils) are on their side.

Will medicine be more traditional or will it lean toward the esoteric?  Will a certain combination of waters, foods and sounds cure disease?  Will wounds be healed by song?  By prayer?  Will soldiers be taught to heal themselves through the force of their well-disciplined minds?

Will you have doctors?  Will everyone be a medic at some level, because your environment is too hostile for easy living?

Once again I offer more questions than answers, but then, the answers must come from you for your world to be wholly yours.

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