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Part 31: World Testing

It is day thirty-one of World Building: Revisited, and we’re more than 2/3 of the way.  The next few days are World Testing Days.  We’re going to make sure that all the bolts are in place,  and that they are all tightened down.  We’ll take a look at the logic of your world, and do our best to handle any errors that may have cropped up.

Where are you in the process of building your own world?  Have you seen it from space?  Have you heard the voices of your people yet?  Do you know what they look like?  Have you taken the time to walk through the forests and climb the mountains?  All it takes is some imagination and your own version of the ViewShip, and off you go.

How many continents does your world have?  Have you made your initial maps yet?  I hope so.

So, get your notes and your maps together, fuel up the ViewShip, and be ready.  We’ll be launching shortly.  Oh, and have your notepad close.  There may be a test.

Continued in Part 32