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Part 37: Closing in on the close

It is hard (for me, at least) to believe that there is little less than a week left in the program on Building Your Own World.   Over the next few days we’re going to finish up, sweep up, close up and lock the door on the project.  The intention is to wait a bit, then take the entire 42 posts, string them together–as an outline–and produce an illustrated “How-To” book.  …but that’s for the future.

I would like to encourage readers who attempt the huge task of creating a whole world to share their experiences in the way of comment contributions.  If you take exception to any of the suggestions I have made over the last six days, please express them.  This is a learning process for me, too.

I would also like to encourage questions or comments in general.  Share your reactions, your experiences, your ideas.  Share what you’ve learned on your own as you went through the process.  This is how we all expand in our craft.

Next, we will do an overview of the process, answer some questions which came in as private messages, present an in-depth list of resources for the World Builder, and finish up with a close look at our new world in action.

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