Oh, the joys of teaching!


Actually, I am enjoying the new job, and am hopefully also garnering new information for stories, or perhaps a novel, about said kids.

I taught my first too classes in Public Speaking today, and while the kids were a challenge, their energy enervating, the experience was great.

Picture this: each class had about 10 kids, the first group ranged from 5 years old to 9, and included a very shy Japanese girl who had almost no English at all.  Except for her, the energy level in the room was through the roof, and as this “class” is an after school activity, these little whirlwinds left their good school behavior in the dust.

The second group included one very advanced 8-year-old, and other ages up to 11.  These kids were by far more tractable, and more readily interested in learning how to project themselves through public speech.

I finished my first day, about an hour and a half in length, thoroughly exhausted, but feeling that I will, after all, be able to reach these little minds.  I did, however, have to promise (and deliver) a magic trick for them at the end of each class… and that went over very well.

Will I be able to teach the younger group much?  It’s hard to say.  Just getting them to sit still is a huge task, but I think so.  While they haven’t yet developed much of the fear that comes with later years, a growing confidence standing at the front of the room will make a difference for them.

The older group have settled into the idea, just as I’d hoped, and are seeing that they can leverage what I have to say in their lives.

Yes, this isn’t a lot to do with writing, but it is a lot to do with me… a writer.

Trusting I do not bore…