Everyone has a book in them… or so it has been said.  The truth is, not everyone is able to get that book OUT.

Uphill Writing is for people who want to make their book a reality.  Make no mistake: there is no MAGIC word or bullet that makes it all happen.  In the end, it is you, and you only.

OK, then why this Blog?  Because while we have to write alone, we do not have to struggle without help.  Here you will find Traps, Speedbumps and Potholes… and what to do about them, as well as Useful Ideas, Tips of the Trade, and Important Reference Links.

Do we know all the answers?  No.  We don’t even know all of the questions.  But on this journey we intend to find out.



Richard Scott is serving his third term as the President of Fremont Area Writers as well as being a dual member and contributing editor of WitersTalk, the newsletter of South Bay Writers. He writes short stories and novels in many genres including Science Fiction, Supernatural Fiction, Comedy and Young Adult Fiction. He blogs about the craft of writing at UphillWriting.org, about the world at PlanetWonder.org, and consults in the Web Presence component of building an Author’s Platform. He is also the webmaster for the California Writers Club, South Bay Writers, Fremont Area Writers, and the NorCal Publishing Pathways program.