The following are the blogs that I try to read faithfully.  I read them for two reasons, one they are usually blogging friends, but much, much more importantly, I read them because they are damn good blogs.  I hope you will agree, and that you will give them a look.  Please note that these wonderful blogs are in alphabetical order.

  • Aardvarkian Tales: Good friend James McShane, our Irish correspondent, has been been blogging for several months to a growing, and appreciative audience.
  • Alannah MurphyAlannah Murphy’s dark and dangerous blog about her novel and rock music should not be missed.
  • Baby Boomer’s View: I don’t speak with Lynn as much as I’d like, but her blog posts are always informative and to the point.
  • Becky Levine: Becky is a force of nature in the world of Critique Groups and Editing.  She is a reading habit worth making.
  • Boomer Grandparents: A well-made and updated site belonging to a member of a blogging group I belong to.
  • Communimaginations: Maria is a long-time friend and supporter.  Her work is solid, her blog worth your time.
  • Cosmic Vortex: Jay Swartz is making a name for himself with a number of blogs, and with his writing.  We expect big things from him.
  • {Courage 2 Create}: Ollin Morales is a fairly new blogger, but writes with a clarity and purpose worth the time of the reader.
  • Global Mysteries: A dear friend, Nancy Curteman is a prolific writer and manages to serve the writing community in many ways
  • Mirror, Mirror: Karen Gibson’s blog is new, but growing fast, and worth your time.  A published author, and a Registered Nurse, when Karen speaks, people listen.
  • My Literary Quest: My friend Jodi Milner is a talented young writer, one to watch.  Her blog is interesting, and the worlds she creates are fascinating.
  • Spirit Lights the Way: In all the time I’ve known my friend Nancy R. Hatch, she has never pulled her punches or held back her opinions.  What she writes about is not what one might expect from a non-practicing attorney.
  • The Only Cin: Cindy Taylor is an inspiration to most everyone who knows her.  Her writing is crisp, clear, and to the point, but it is also charged with emotion and human insight.  She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, so she posts in a different timezone than most on this list.  All the more reason to subscribe to her blog.
  • The Stranded Alien: A Blog that defies description.  You need to see it for yourself.
  • The Write Cafe: A young blog, but one that I return to again and again both for views, and to be inspired to comment and create.

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